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Larry & Darryl are our KMUN, DAILY ASTORIAN, HITS, 94.9 THE BRIDGE, and KIA Pets of the Week starting August 29, 2016

Photo of Larry & Darryl, a bonded pair of male red tabbies.

Larry & Daryl are a bonded pair of brothers and must be adopted together. The adoption fee for this dashing pair is the same as for a single senior!

Take another look at this picture. Aren’t these guys the handsomest? With their orange striped dandy suits and white ascots? But Larry & Darryl aren’t just eye candy. No. They make the grandest kind of companions kitties: friendly, affectionate and gentle. The epitome of the mature gentlemen, they are laid back, well-mannered, epicureans of leisure.

Larry and Darryl are twelve year old brothers. They’ve always lived together and closely bonded; so they must be adopted together. Consequently, their adoption paperwork will be processed with a single senior cat adoption fee.

Larry and Darryl need a secure, loving forever home. Look at that photo again. Isn’t their new home with you?

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Call the Clatsop County Animal Shelter: (503) 861-0737
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Rusty is our KMUN, DAILY ASTORIAN, HITS, 94.9 THE BRIDGE, and KIA Pet of the Week starting August 22, 2016

Photo of Rusty waiting for a treat

Rusty waits to see what is expected of him before he gets a treat.

Rusty has a lot of fans at the shelter. A lot of us have adopted one or more shelter animals already and bemoan the fact that we haven’t room for Rusty.

Rusty is a “mature” five year old boxer/pit mix. By mature, I do not mean to suggest that he is old for his age or that he is low energy and sleeps all day. Indeed not. You should see him running around the playground with the giant egg ball!

Yet, he is not manically energetic. He has just the right amount of energy but he is also calm. He is Mr. Cool. Being with Rusty reminds me Read more →

Cleo is our KMUN, DAILY ASTORIAN, HITS, 94.9 THE BRIDGE, and KIA Pet of the Week starting August 15, 2016

The first thing you say when you see Cleo–even through the window in the lobby–is, “Wow! What a pretty cat!” A 10 year old female domestic short hair grey/black/gold tabby girl with white “bib” and front toes and white socks in back. She`s shy but enjoys human company in a calm environment. She can get rattled by the presence of too many other cats, especially vocal ones.

Photo of beautiful Cleo, a gray, black and gold short haired tabby.

Beautiful Cleo in a fairly typical pose.

Photo of cute poses of Cleo, a gray, black and gold tabby.

Photo collage of Cleo playing to the camera

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Or call the shelter: (503) 861-0737
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Don’t miss Linda and our snuggle bums at the Astoria Sunday Market!

Photo of Linda Dygert at Astoria Sunday Market

Linda Dygert at Astoria Sunday Market

Don’t forget, volunteer Linda Dygert is once again staffing a booth every other Sunday for the remainder of the market season. She will have one or two of our many adorable adoptable animals.

Linda can answer questions about the animals and adopting from the shelter, pretty much anything related to Clatsop County Animal Shelter or Clatsop Animal Assistance. So ask away!

Look for her next Sunday, July 24.

Thank you, Ashley!

Ashley & Maia finished

I would like to thank an extraordinary volunteer dog walker, Ashley.

Ashley has been volunteering at the shelter since last November.

She is here rain or shine. And she’s here to work. She has tireless energy and strong dedication to the dogs.

I asked her one day: “Are you out here every day?”  Read more →