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Volunteer Picks:

Harrington, Lavinia, Abby and Sprocket
Harrington is our Daily Astorian, KMUN, HITS, and 94.9 The Bridge Pet of the Week
As you can see here, Harrington is a gorgeous, friendly boy.  He’s a senior Newfie/Lab mix, on the smallish side.  Harrington is a gentle love of a dog.  The only time he’s not happy is when he has to have a bath – he moans and howls through it all.  Don’t Newfies and Labs usually like the water?


Lavinia has had a tough life so far, but you wouldn’t know it based on her affectionate nature.  She came in as a very thin stray last October and was adopted out to an older woman who simply couldn’t keep up with Lavinia’s needs. So back Lavinia came a month ago, this time with a bad case of fleas and  worms. The staff and volunteers have worked hard to nurse her back to health, and she’s now ready for the forever home she deserves.  While Lavinia won’t win any beauty contests, she has oodles of love to share and gets rave reviews from all of the volunteers.  Here’s a sampling. “Lavinia gives back plenty of love to everyone who spends time with her.”  “She is talkative, enjoys the most gentlest of touches and a warm lap.” “Her personality is so sweet, her desire to be cuddled so endearing!”  So come in and let this senior girl win YOUR heart.


Abby and Sprocket

This bonded pair came from a home with “too many pets.”  Abby (the Lab/Newfie mix) and Sprocket (the German Short-Haired Pointer) are both ten years old.  They love people and have been on several outings with the volunteers, since they are both so well-behaved.  These two may be a little hard to adopt out because they need to go together (two for the price of one and the senior rate to boot) and they need a home with no kids or cats.



Welcome to Clatsop Animal Assistance. We are located in Warrenton Oregon (just outside of Astoria). Clatsop Animal Assistance, Inc. (CAA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and providing for the needs of the Clatsop County Animal Shelter’s homeless pets. CAA volunteers work hard to improve the quality of life for these animals, most directly by assisting the Animal Shelter, which has limited resources with which to deal with strays and unwanted pets within Clatsop County.


  • CAA pays for veterinary care as well as antibiotics and other critical medicines that aren’t covered in the shelter’s budget.  CAA also pays a portion of the spay/neuter fees for animals adopted out of the shelter.
  • CAA purchases cat litter and other supplies, and pays for grooming costs not covered by the shelter’s budget.
  • CAA supports the shelter’s adoption program, sponsoring promotional ads and holding adoption events.
  • CAA maintains an adoption booth at Astoria’s Sunday Market every other week from May through part of September every year.
  • CAA is committed to reducing pet overpopulation: we support spay/neuter programs financially and work to educate the public on the importance of spaying or neutering their pets.



Clatsop Animal Assistance, also known as CAA, is a 501©3 all-volunteer organization dedicated to helping the Clatsop County Animal Shelter’s homeless pets.

We support these animals by providing funds to pay for veterinary care, spay/neuter fees, medicines, cat litter, grooming, specialty-diet foods, and other supplies not covered by the shelter budget.

We promote the shelter animals by providing advertising and promotional materials and by sponsoring adoption events.

​ CAA helps turn hardship and suffering into happy endings, sending a message of compassion and caring for animals out into the community.

More about us
All our members are volunteers. We have an open membership, and there are no dues. CAA holds adoption events and fundraisers throughout the year. Much of our work is made possible by your tax deductible donations.  You can see a brief explanation of our 2014 expenditures at our Events/News page.  A more detailed list of how your money is spent may be obtained upon request or by opening the annual report below.

You can also learn more about our events, our adoption success stories, and how to become a volunteer just by clicking on one of the tabs at the upper left. Thank you for your support of CAA and the shelter, and remember:  CAA Cares About Animals.

Click here to view our Annual Report



As one volunteer says, this year and a half  Terrier mix is a total big dog in a little dog body.  He’s lively, very friendly, and absolutely adorable.  Although Rocky likes other dogs, he needs to be in a home without cats or small children (he gets too excited around the little ones.)  Rocky is always at the front of his cage begging to go out, even if he’s just come back from lots of walks and play times. b64d22aadb13a4692fac66d1ea540bc2