Clatsop Animal Assistance

Bonded pair Shye Girl and Joey are our KMUN, DAILY ASTORIAN, HITS, 94.9 THE BRIDGE and KIA Pets of the Week starting June 19, 2017

Richelle sees Joey and Shye Girl as the perfect pair. “While Shye Girl is a little more energetic than Joey, neither are going to give you much of a run around. Both are exceptionally sweet and enjoy being petted and treats. They’re super gentle treat takers and are pretty appreciative. Joey and Shye Girl need an easy going home to spend their retirement years. Let’s not make these sweet seniors languish waiting around for their happily ever after.”

Mick is our KMUN, DAILY ASTORIAN, HITS, 94.9 THE BRIDGE and KIA Pet of the Week starting June 5, 2017

Mick came in as a stray last fall, so he’s been with us for quite a while now and we’d really like to find a home for this active boy where he can romp around while soaking up (and giving) lots of affection. He’s a young, very happy Lab/Pit mix who loves getting out with the volunteers, whether it be for walks or play time, and cries when he’s stuck in his kennel and others are out having fun. Mick is a smart boy and has learned a lot at the shelter, including sit, down, and stay. He’s looking for an active family with time for walks and a comfy couch for those post-walk naps.

Enzo is our KMUN, DAILY ASTORIAN, HITS, 94.9 THE BRIDGE and KIA Pet of the Week starting June 5, 2017

Richelle tells us, “Enzo is pretty timid at the moment, but just because the shelter is a scary place, doesn’t mean he’s anti-social.  In fact, give this boy a scratch and he will give you the sweetest little grateful kisses.  The more you talk to and pet him, the more he warms up. Enzo would make a fantastic lap cat in a calm home where he is talked to, petted, and loved. This boy really loves affection. He just needs a safe place to give it.”


Dewey is our KMUN, DAILY ASTORIAN, HITS, 94.9 THE BRIDGE and KIA Pet of the Week starting May 8, 2017

Here’s Ashley:
“Dewey is a very handsome four-year-old male Pit-Bull Terrier Mix. He seems to be good with other dogs and people of all ages. Dewey likes to chase cats, so a home that is cat free would be best suited for him. He will also need a fenced yard.
Dewey came into the shelter because his people didn’t have the time needed for him that he and all pets need and crave. Dewey is very playful and loves interaction with all.
Dewey has a lot of energy and would do best in an active home. He would make a great beach walking, hiking dog and a great companion. (Some further leash training would benefit Dewey for a perfect fit).
Dewey loves to play ball with people. Dewey knows basic commands and has learned (while in the shelter) how to “High Five, and Shake Paws.”
Dewey is a very affectionate and one of our volunteer favorites. If you are seeking a companion for walks, hikes and life’s adventures, please come and meet our awesome, gorgeous, smart “Dewey.” ❤❤❤❤

Nate, shown here with Dewey, wants us to know that “Dewey is a handsome boy that’s currently living at the shelter. He is very playful and listens to you. He really likes playing with balls, and will allow you to snuggle him and hug him and tickle him. Dewey is looking for a home where he will be treated kindly and is played with. I had a very fun time playing and taking pictures with Dewey.”