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Welcome to Clatsop Animal Assistance. We are located in Warrenton Oregon (just outside of Astoria). Clatsop Animal Assistance, Inc. (CAA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and providing for the needs of the Clatsop County Animal Shelter’s homeless pets. CAA volunteers work hard to improve the quality of life for these animals, most directly by assisting the Animal Shelter, which has limited resources with which to deal with strays and unwanted pets within Clatsop County.

  • CAA pays for veterinary care as well as antibiotics and other critical medicines that aren’t covered in the shelter’s budget.  CAA also pays a portion of the spay/neuter fees for animals adopted out of the shelter.
  • CAA purchases cat litter and other supplies, and pays for grooming costs not covered by the shelter’s budget.
  • CAA supports the shelter’s adoption program, sponsoring promotional ads and holding adoption events.
  • CAA maintains an adoption booth at Astoria’s Sunday Market every other week from May through part of September every year.
  • CAA is committed to reducing pet overpopulation: we support spay/neuter programs financially and work to educate the public on the importance of spaying or neutering their pets.

More about us All our members are volunteers. We have an open membership, and there are no dues. CAA holds adoption events and fundraisers throughout the year. Much of our work is made possible by your tax deductible donations.  You can see a brief explanation of our 2014 expenditures at our Events/News page.  A more detailed list of how your money is spent may be obtained upon request or by opening the annual report below. You can also learn more about our events, our adoption success stories, and how to become a volunteer just by clicking on one of the tabs at the upper left. Thank you for your support of CAA and the shelter, and remember:  CAA Cares About Animals.


Clatsop Animal Assistance, also known as CAA, is a 501©3 all-volunteer organization dedicated to helping the Clatsop County Animal Shelter’s homeless pets. We support these animals by providing funds to pay for veterinary care, spay/neuter fees, medicines, cat litter, grooming, specialty-diet foods, and other supplies not covered by the shelter budget. We promote the shelter animals by providing advertising and promotional materials and by sponsoring adoption events. ​CAA helps turn hardship and suffering into happy endings, sending a message of compassion and caring for animals out into the community.


CAA believes in complete transparency in its relationship with government, the public, its sponsors and donors. CAA aligns its practices with this belief by holding meetings open to the public and making financial reports available for the asking.

Our latest Annual Report is available by clicking here.


Skittles is finally ready for adoption after waiting for months while we treated a severe skin condition.  She had her first outing on Saturday when she spent the afternoon at CAA’s booth at the Lower Columbia HorseFest and made lots of new friends, both human and canine.  In fact, as we were leaving for the day several people called out “Bye Skittles” as we headed out the door.  When Skittles first came in, she was shy and scared, with major fur loss from untreated flea dermatitis.  She’d been living in the bed of a truck, under a tarp, with two other dogs.  We put her on antibiotics and started her on medicated baths twice a week.  Unlike many dogs, she didn’t seem to mind bath time.  We had to leave the medicated shampoo on her for ten minutes each time, so we talked to her and fed her treats, and she always stood very patiently.  While Skittles may never be a beauty, this senior boxer is a very sweet, loving girl. Every week she’s been at the shelter she’s gained confidence and trust in the volunteers.  She may always have skin issues and allergies but her companionship is worth the extra effort.


Skittles table

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 Marvin, Thumper, Reggie, and Danni

Marvin is our Daily Astorian, KMUN, HITS, and 94.9 The Bridge Pet of the Week

Marvin is a handsome boy with the beautiful double coat and feather duster tail of a Chow.  He’s a Chow/Australian Shepherd mix and as sweet as they come.  Walking him is a little like walking with royalty – we think he knows how striking he is.  Marvin went to his first outside event last week and was well-behaved both there and in the car.



Volunteer Richelle has this to say about Thumper. “Thumper is a strong, vibrant, Siamese mix whose stay here is extending too long. Thumper, like the little gray rabbit in Bambi, is energetic and precocious, and sometimes speaks out of turn, although it’s not really hard to see why. Being a big cat in a small pond (so to speak) with so many other “fish” to share space with, must be incredibly frustrating when you have Siamese blood coursing through your veins. Thumper needs a home with people who will fill his life with play, toys, and conversation. Perhaps a rug or two so that he can master the aerial flips he’s working on, without wiping out from lack of traction.

Thumper would do best as an only cat, or with a non-alpha (but non-fearful) cat and plenty of space and attention for all. Lovers of the Siamese breed would find their soulmate in Thumper. He NEEDS a bigger pond, and people of his own to appreciate his giant personality. Please help us find this boy his place in the world by sharing his story far and wide.



Reggie is a busy boy, a “wants to please, but needs leash training” youngster. This Lab/Pit mix came to the shelter as a stray and we think he’s about one year old. He loves fetch and is learning that dropping the ball at your feet means another round of play. Volunteers are working with him on basic commands, including heeling. He’ll make a great addition for an active and patient family.

Reggie smile