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We have several new videos of our shelter dogs.  Watch these below.

Our long-timer Louie is back.  He loves all people, but will need to be an only pet.  Here is Louie's video showing how well he responds to humans.

Chance video

Dougie's outing video

Titan's video

Murphy's video

Bones' video

Zoey's video

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                       Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea is a beautiful petite tux with lots of spunk and sass, about a year old now.  We've been working with her on her anxiety caused by being around so many new fuzzy faces, and we're giving her extra TLC to help her gain self confidence and trust.  Sweet Pea will make some lucky family a great addition as well as a friend and play mate...she really digs the wand toys!       

Here's how your donations help the animals:

$5.00 pays for treats for the animals

$10.00 pays for cat toys

$15.00 pays for a wellness check for one kitten

$20.00 pays for Kong toys for the dogs

$25.00 pays for one cat neuter

$30.00 pays for one cat spay

$40.00 pays for one dog neuter

$45.00 pays for one dog spay

$50.00 pays for one month's supply of cat litter

$75.00 pays for one ad promoting adoption

$100.00 pays for one week of dog training

$500.00 pays for two surgeries and medications for injured animals

$1,000.00 pays for one week of veterinary care


                    Cutie Pie
This senior girl is adjusting to the room full of cats at the shelter. She’s still shy around people, but she is starting to like lap time with the volunteers.                     

Dodger is somewhat shy with new people, but he is fast coming out of his shell and is eager to spend time with all the volunteers.  This little Basset (and something else) mix is still a puppy at seven months and is about as cute as they come, with legs that are a little too short for his body.  He loves treats and bonds quickly with human treat dispensers.

See how your support helps the animals

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Fred Meyer is committed to donating $2.5 million per year to nonprofits in Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and Alaska, based on what you as customers select as your favorite causes. Thank you to all of our supporters and to Fred Meyer for your community support! 


Blue, a four year old Yellow Lab, came to shelter last spring after tearing his ACL while trying to jump a fence.  It took a combination of $1,200 surgery and several months of foster care to nurse this boy back to health. His foster family, who volunteer at the shelter, gave him cold and heat therapies, massage, stretching, and an exercise regime, as well as lots of love.   They said he was "77 pounds of darling boy."  Blue is now happily in his forever home, thanks to our supporters and volunteers. 

                                                        Our Parvo Puppies
Rachel, Jason, Katie, Jane, Natalie, Julie, and Emma: these Beagle-Bichon puppies all came into the shelter in November with parvovirus.  After spending several days at the vet getting intensive care, they came back to the shelter, where they were quarantined until each one received a clean bill of health.  All have now been adopted into loving homes. CAA covered the vet care and medication costs totaling close to $4,300.00.  We couldn’t have done it without your support.  We thank you, the puppies thank you, and the adopting pet parents thank you. 

That's Katie and Julie below.



A good Samaritan found Shrek wandering on Mount St. Helen's.  He was injured, with bite marks all over his body, indicating that he had been a bait dog.  Celestine (our good Samaritan) brought him in to the animal shelter, so that he could receive veterinary care and have a place to recover.  Shrek needed surgery for his entropion eyes (the lids folding inwards, instead of outwards) as well as medications for his other injuries and infections.  CAA covered his vet and medication bills and our volunteers helped give him the loving attention he needed.  Best of all, this story has a perfect ending: Shrek is now happily at home with Celestine and her dog, Happy. 

CAA's FY 2013 Expenditures (July 2013 - June 2014)
Because we're all volunteers, more than 90 percent of our expenditures go directly to care for and promote the animals


Odin (aka Dobby while he was at the shelter) was adopted earlier this fall.  His mom tells us he's being "spoiled rotten."  Can you tell? When Odin first came to the shelter, we weren’t sure whether he would need expensive surgery for wobbler syndrome, a non-fatal but painful cervical spine condition seen in many large dogs, including Dobermans.  CAA covered the $1,788.00 for the tests that showed he could live a long, happy life with no surgery.  Without CAA’s help, Odin may not have been adoptable because of the uncertainty of his condition and the likelihood it would cost several thousand dollars to treat it. 

With your support, we can continue to give shelter dogs and cats like Odin a second chance at a happy home.  Just click on the PayPal logo below or mail your donation to 
CAA, PO Box 622, Warrenton, OR  97146.

The animals thank you!

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