Angie (Beautiful Senior Cat)

Volunteer Ed tells us why he is so fond of Angie.  “Many of our cats haven’t had an easy life. Even cats from a loving, long time home occasionally end up with us. This is the case with Angie. She’s just shy of eleven years and her owner could no longer care for her. Heartbreaking all around. But let me tell you, Angie has a strong constitution, great stamina, outstanding character, or something. For through her separation and introduction to the Shelter, she has remained the sweetest and most affectionate senior lady. From day one I liked this cat. It was almost like she was transmitting thoughts of love through those lovely melon green eyes of hers. Well those thoughts of love hit me, big time, right in the heart. Love this girl. She is simply adorable, an affectionate seeking, ‘come take me I’m your’s’ greeting, divine female feline. And I haven’t even mentioned her appearance. She’s a dilute tortie (tortoiseshell). One of the more attractive coats you’ll find in the cat world, that’s what Angie sports. Smoky gray and camel colors sprinkled all over from head to tail. She’s show stopping stunning and does not look her age.”