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This sweet girl, one of the most timid dogs at the shelter, was adopted by one of our volunteers. Here’s an update from her very patient mom, who tells us Nina’s world is expanding. “Some of us take longer than others to get comfortable with life. We began fostering Nina in late November of 2016. We adopted her in October 2017. I am happy to … Continue reading SUCCESS STORY: NINA »


Mason was adopted a couple of years ago and we got this lovely update last month. His mom wrote, “We adopted Mason from you about a month before finding out we were pregnant with her. Safe to say they are best friends! She calls him “her fella.” He’s such a good boy. Still gets VERY excited about toys and balls but once he settles down … Continue reading SUCCESS STORY: MASON »


Penny was adopted early this fall and has definitely hit the jackpot with her new family. Summer, her mom, tells us, “We adopted Penny from the shelter in September when she was about 7 months old. My 8 year old daughter had been saving her money to buy a Bloodhound and she was so thrilled to find one at the shelter that she could actually … Continue reading SUCCESS STORY: PENNY »

Caster (now Gretchen)

Gretchen was adopted in October. Her dad tells us, “She has settled in beautifully and is a loving companion. She spends a lot of time watching the world and my deck, alternating with brief manic bursts running and beeping. Whether it’s on the bed or couch, or on a kitchen chair or the floor, she likes to stay close. Bringing her home was the best … Continue reading Caster (now Gretchen) »


Lucy was a very active German Shepherd teenager at the shelter. As you can see below, she has found the perfect home with a family committed to working with her on her behavior.   Her mom tells us, “Within a week of being home, she was a completely different dog. With socialization, daily exercise, and consistent expectations she is turning into an amazing, loving, well-mannered dog, … Continue reading SUCCESS STORY: LUCY (NOW LUCIA) »


Crystal spent many months at the shelter, waiting for that perfect family. She was adopted early in January and, as you can see, she’s struck gold. Her mom tells us, “After visiting Crystal at the shelter a few times, and thinking about her for the next week, I knew she needed to come home with us. Since we adopted her she has made our house … Continue reading SUCCESS STORY: CRYSTAL »