Author: Rodney Merrill

Second chance for Chance

Chance was at the shelter for a longer while. He was kind of a shy guy. Even though it wasn’t so, a person might get the idea that Chance was aloof and asocial. This can be a serious disadvantage when you are one of 16 dogs vying for attention. Chance was loved by the people who worked with him and got to know him but … Continue reading Second chance for Chance »

John Boy Success Story

John Boy, one of the seven puppies named after members of the Walton Family, is now known as Dax. He’s a very happy, healthy little pup! doing wonderfully in his new Seattle forever home!

Jasmine Success Story

Jasmine the Black Lab Shelter Dog

Jasmine Settles Quickly Settle In by Rodney Merrill We become fond of our lodgers pretty darn quick and wonder about them after they leave.  No wonder, then, that we love hearing about them and seeing them in their new digs. Julie and Clyde wrote to us to tell us that things are not only working out well for Jasmine but working out remarkably well and … Continue reading Jasmine Success Story »

Selina loses a leg but not her spirit

Selina by Rodney L Merrill Dog photographer, Christina, says “Selina always seems to look offended in her photos, but is a nice cat.” She is an adult tabby cat with a beautiful coat in shades of brown with black stripes. As a result of a hit-and-run accident, Selina’s entire right front leg had to be amputated. Having no known home, she came to the Shelter when ready to leave … Continue reading Selina loses a leg but not her spirit »