Beautiful Copper Repousse Artwork – CAA Donation

Ellen Levy has very generously donated some striking repousse artwork to CAA, including pictures of cats, rabbits, and roosters. If you’re interested in purchasing any of these pieces, please email me at Prices range from $20.00 for a 2×2 inch unframed piece to $110.00 for a 7×9 inch framed piece and all proceeds come to CAA.

Ellen tells us, “REPOUSSE is an ancient technique. The word means to push back but the copper is actually worked from both sides. I start with a tracing of the design on top of the copper sheet. After the design is traced onto the front surface, I work the backside. I both inline and outline the original traced line. This put the bevel in the direction I want to push. From the front side, I push down areas and/or rub areas against a textured background. I go to the backside and start slowly pushing out – this will produce a raise area on the front side. The result is a domed sheet of copper so I go to the front side and retrace the original line. This yields a flat background with only the intended areas raised. Each piece is then oxidized and polished. Results vary depending on temperature and humidity.

I then lacquer each piece so all you have to do is feather dust.  If the piece is intended to hang in a bathroom or other area of high humidity, it would be best to get a glass insert. The paper mats are not waterproof.”

Several pieces are showcased below.  If you’d like to see more, I can email photos to you.

Levy Collage