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Clatsop Animal Assistance news updates and upcoming events.

Second chance for Chance

Chance was at the shelter for a longer while. He was kind of a shy guy. Even though it wasn’t so, a person might get the idea that Chance was aloof and asocial. This can be a serious disadvantage when you are one of 16 dogs vying for attention. Chance was loved by the people who worked with him and got to know him but … Continue reading Second chance for Chance »

John Boy Success Story

John Boy, one of the seven puppies named after members of the Walton Family, is now known as Dax. He’s a very happy, healthy little pup! doing wonderfully in his new Seattle forever home!

Girl Scout Troop 11182 Visits

Clatsop County Animal Shelter got a visit from Girl Scout Troop 11182. This is a different troop than visited early in the week. It was nice of them to bring along donations of dog and cat food, snackies and toys. Because everything we do depends so much on donations and volunteers, it is always heartening to see younger people caring about homeless animals. These young … Continue reading Girl Scout Troop 11182 Visits »

Beautiful Copper Repousse Artwork – CAA Donation

Ellen Levy has very generously donated some striking repousse artwork to CAA, including pictures of cats, rabbits, and roosters. If you’re interested in purchasing any of these pieces, please email me at Prices range from $20.00 for a 2×2 inch unframed piece to $110.00 for a 7×9 inch framed piece and all proceeds come to CAA. Ellen tells us, “REPOUSSE is an ancient technique. The … Continue reading Beautiful Copper Repousse Artwork – CAA Donation »