Larry & Darryl are Pets of the Week starting August 29, 2016

Larry & Darryl are our KMUN, DAILY ASTORIAN, HITS, 94.9 THE BRIDGE, and KIA Pets of the Week starting August 29, 2016

Photo of Larry & Darryl, a bonded pair of male red tabbies.

Larry & Daryl are a bonded pair of brothers and must be adopted together. The adoption fee for this dashing pair is the same as for a single senior!

Take another look at this picture. Aren’t these guys the handsomest? With their orange striped dandy suits and white ascots? But Larry & Darryl aren’t just eye candy. No. They make the grandest kind of companions kitties: friendly, affectionate and gentle. The epitome of the mature gentlemen, they are laid back, well-mannered, epicureans of leisure.

Larry and Darryl are twelve year old brothers. They’ve always lived together and closely bonded; so they must be adopted together. Consequently, their adoption paperwork will be processed with a single senior cat adoption fee.

Larry and Darryl need a secure, loving forever home. Look at that photo again. Isn’t their new home with you?

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