Miss Mei

We recently got this lovely message from Miss Mei’s family. They are making her senior years happy ones, and it sounds both sides won here.

“We adopted Miss Mei one year ago this month. At the time, she had been at the shelter for about four months. She was depressed, mangy and would never look up at us. She was 14 years old going on 30. After about four months, she started looking at us…six months she would come and sit down with us. Today, we are her people. Now she is 15 years old going on 10. She finally is wagging her tail. She now barks at strangers in the house, that is, once she has figured out someone is there. Although she is very elderly, she is one sweet dog. Her hips are giving her problems and I feel bad going from one room of the house to another because she always wants to follow and it becomes difficult for her.  Nonetheless, Miss Mei is one happy old dog and we feel lucky to have her. The photo is her on her fluffy bed, where she prefers to be when barking at strangers.”

Miss Mei at home