Thank you, Ashley!

Ashley & Maia finished

I would like to thank an extraordinary volunteer dog walker, Ashley.

Ashley has been volunteering at the shelter since last November.

She is here rain or shine. And she’s here to work. She has tireless energy and strong dedication to the dogs.

I asked her one day: “Are you out here every day?”

She says, “It’s not like I have a job. I have time to do it.”

“That’s true of a lot of us; but seems like you are out here every day, several hours a day.”

“I love my dogs,” she said.

That she does. Every one is her absolute favorite and she invests time to teach each of them social skills and basic commands like sit and lay down. She has even taught many of them to “high five” in addition to your more run-of-the-mill handshake. She believes the time she spends with them makes them more likely to find a good home.

One day when our dog section was packed and not very many volunteers showed up, Ashley went on eighteen dog walks!  And, if I know Ashley, she didn’t just walk them. She spent quality time with every dog.

What would we do without her? I shudder to think!

Ashley definitely deserves a big thank-you!

Thank you, Ashley!