Tux – Patience and training win out again

Trina, a volunteer at the shelter, adopted Tux (on the left).  Things were rocky at first, but Trina didn’t give up.  You can read her story below.

Tux and friends1

I really was not looking for another dog and definitely did not need another dog. But I have a soft spot for German Shepherds. When Tux (previous name Bodi) came into the shelter I was immediately drawn to him. And he looked so cute with his one floppy ear, and would tilt his head and listen when talking to him, and those eyes. What a loving sweetie. He was not at the shelter for long when we was quickly adopted and then quickly returned. Too much energy was why. Part of me had to laugh. Did you not meet him before you took him home? Can’t anyone who looks at him see he is a high drive, high energy, very intelligent dog? Then it dawned  on me how many people adopt dogs and return them because they don’t realize what breed or mixes they are taking home and the challenges with those breeds. But no worries I’m a dog savvy person with Border Collie and GSD experience. I can train this boy and he will be an awesome dog. After a meet and greet with my two dogs I took him home. Everything was wonderful for a day and a half. Then all hell broke loose between all 3 dogs. One look at each other and it was one egg shell away from a vicious sounding dog fight. I had to keep them separated. I might know how to train a dog to sit but I did not know how to get them in pack order. I made a few calls and at the suggestion of the humane society I had dog trainer Eva Wiseman from Hammond Kennels come out to the house. I learned a lot. I could see that things would work out fine but it was going to be a lot of work. I was filled with “what did I do bringing this dog home?” But I was not going to give up on him. He is so trainable and just needed structure, consistency, and a chance. It was only a few days and all 3 dogs were getting along. Each day things got better and he was becoming the dog I knew he could be. I’m not going to lie. It was a lot of work and I put in a lot of time, but it was worth it. He brightens up my day and brings wonderful energy to the house. We have taken up urban mushing which we both think is a blast. Tux also loves to jump and get air time when playing frisbee.”